It’s simple. We work together to design and craft beautiful knives that perform flawlessly. Want to know a bit more? Read on.



We are on a mission to turn our passion into a tool kit for professional and home cooks. We might be the new kids on the block, but we know how to craft unique, exquisite knives that perform beautifully and look fantastic.

Breaking the mould with resin

No two chefs are the same so why should your tools be? Each of our full-tang knives has a unique, hand prepared and cast resin handle. This means we can inject a bit of individuality into every piece. Our expertly crafted, ergonomic handles are anchored to the blade with robust, ornate brass mosaic pins.


We create our knives with passion, knowledge, and honesty. All products are thoroughly tested and supplied with a certificate of authenticity and a care package to tell you how best to look after your knife. We are confident that your knife will provide years of reliable service. But, for extra peace of mind, we also offer a standard lifetime guarantee. We continually review our designs in the pursuit of perfection and work closely with professional chefs to deliver knives that provide precise results time after time. It is so important to us that we work together with the people who use our knives, and we are grateful for their honest input which informs every step of the design and production. Only when our chef advocates are entirely satisfied, do we release our knives to the public.

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